Whiten Up Your Small Space Bathroom

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A small space bathroom may seem like a difficult design task to tackle, but it can be the perfect opportunity to get creative. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs, but it all starts with the right palette – or should we say, the white palette.

The Best Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

If you’re looking for small bathroom ideas, it may be time to bypass the bold hues and embrace the clean, polished simplicity of white. From white tile to white paint and white vanities, this noncolor-color naturally recedes, making the space look bigger. It also reflects any available light, rather than absorbing it. Since your small space bathroom likely has a lot of white fixtures already (the toilet, tub and sink perhaps), using white for other surfaces creates a seamless look that makes the space appear as airy as possible.

But going with a white bathroom doesn’t mean your space has to lack character. Incorporating different textural elements such as molding, stone slabs, bold bathroom hardware and fabric accents can retain the seamless look while still catching the eye. Here’s some other ways to create a gleaming bathroom that tricks the eye into seeing a bigger space.

Install a floating vanity

It can be a challenge to balance the demand for storage with a desire for breathing room when considering bathroom designs for small spaces. A floating vanity is the perfect solution. It gives you plenty of room to store daily essentials, but the peek of flooring below makes the area feel a bit more open. In the smallest spaces, a little extra room to plant your feet can make a big difference.

Incorporate mirrors

A large mirror can double the size of your small space bathroom. Splurge on one with a beautiful frame or choose to go wall-to-wall with a custom-sized piece. The visual effect can be so profound that you’ll need little else to create a perfectly finished look. This can be especially effective in tiny powder rooms with minimal wall space that don’t require much glass for coverage.

Use a glass shower enclosure

Another one of the best small bathroom ideas is to replace a shower curtain with a glass panel or frameless glass shower door. The entire square footage of the room will be visible at once for a spacious feel, especially when you’re in the shower. If you prefer a bit more privacy, tinted or frosted glass will still allow tons of light to filter through so your shower experience feels less claustrophobic.

Use well-placed lighting

Good lighting is essential to making any space look big and open, but in white bathrooms, it’s especially important. Choose a rich lighting scheme with multiple light sources in different locations. A contemporary edge-lighted mirror, a grid of ceiling lights and sconces will help you avoid shadowing and make the space feel bright and open.

ShowerMan Can Inspire Your Small Bathroom Ideas

When it comes to bathroom designs for small spaces, ShowerMan has been a trusted expert for years. With our tips and tricks, your small space bathroom can be updated to look and function just the way you need it to.