2019 Bathroom Trends and Design Ideas

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Freshening up a bathroom doesn’t necessarily require a total overhaul. It can be as simple as swapping out bathroom hardware or adding sliding shower doors. Here are some of the latest bathroom trends guaranteed to turn your space into a chic retreat.

Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019

Matte Black Hardware

The metal of choice for bathroom hardware seems to shift every few years in the design world. Brass was all the rage a few years ago before nickel took the stage. Chrome once held the throne and even gold was in the spotlight in the 1980s. Today, it’s all about matte black.  From knobs and hinges to faucets and towel holders, you’re sure to make a bold statement by going to the dark side.

Sliding Shower Doors

There’s something inexplicably satisfying about a sliding door. If you’re dealing with an unconventional bathroom shape, or simply want a clean, contemporary look, this is one of the latest bathroom trends to go with. Offering versatility and ease of operation, sliding shower doors work in any conventional shower, immediately adding sophistication to a lackluster bathroom. The Cambridge Series two-door bypass sliding shower door system is one of the most popular options with its quiet, smooth-sliding stainless-steel design.

White on White

Black may be having its moment in bathroom hardware this year, but white is back with a vengeance. Crisp, classic and clean, a white-on-white palette can have a powerful effect on the mind, clearing visual and mental clutter and setting you up for complete relaxation. From tile to vanities and accessories, a space soaked in white is calm and peaceful, whether more taken to a more traditional or sleekly modern level. No matter the size of your bathroom, white invites in light for a blissful, spa-like atmosphere.

 Narrow-Fit Furniture Pieces

If you’re looking for ultra-modern bathroom design ideas, modular furniture can be just the thing to give the room a light and spacious look – even if you’re not working with a lot of space. Going with slimline wall-hung cabinets paired with a compact basin unit for toiletries can help you achieve a sense of openness in even narrow rooms.

Transitional Style

Mixing the rich character of elements such as paneled cabinet doors and traditional lights with simple finishes such as large stone slabs and subway tiles, transitional style is the perfect choice for anyone who struggles with sticking to just one style period.

Mirror, Mirror

 The traditional shaving cabinet is becoming a thing of the past, as the latest bathroom trends transform the mirror into a new focal point of the space. To get in on this style, choose recessed mirrors for an elegant, streamlined aesthetic, finished with a strategic combination of decorative sconce lights or LED backlighting.

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