Single Door and Fixed Panel

Another one of our clients' favorites is a Single Door and a Fixed Panel. In some cases a Single Door would be too wide to use in a limited space. Problem Solved! A Single Door and a Fixed Panel is the answer. As with all the other design options, the hinges can be on either side and the door can open to the right or left. It all depends on your wish list, your personal preferences, and your bathroom’s layout. ShowerMan’s expert designers and professional installers will ensure that your Frameless Shower Enclosure is perfect for you and your family.


Enhance Your Bathroom

All of ShowerMan’s designs offer a completion to your bathroom’s transformation, creating an open, spacious feel. Our Frameless Glass Doors seem to hang by magic, enhancing the spa-like oasis you’ve dreamt about.

Low-Iron Ultra Clear Glass is an option that is a definite enhancement to the beauty of your Shower Door. In addition, ShowerGuard Protective Coating can be applied to Guardian ultra-clear tempered glass to make it that much easier to maintain and protect it from well water.

Examples of Single Doors with Fixed Panels

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Styling Options

  • Door opens to the right or to the left
  • Fixed Panel can be on either side of the door
  • Choice of finish, etching, and color of hardware
  • Custom-designed based on your bathroom’s layout and your personal preferences
  • Fixed Panel can have a buttress to accommodate for knee walls, bathtubs, or shower benches

If you have any questions, or want to schedule an appointment, request a quote or call ShowerMan at 732-303-9044.

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