Update Bathroom Hardware for Big Impact

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Looking for easy bathroom makeover ideas? You may have overlooked the quickest fix of all. Updating the hardware for bathroom spaces is one of the easiest ways to make a very visible and functional difference on any budget. Not sure where to start? Here are the top eight must-haves to successfully update bathroom hardware.

From shower door handles to towel bars and cabinet hardware, the options for your bathroom makeover ideas are endless. What should you be thinking about when it comes to choosing the right bathroom shower hardware? Here are some ideas for the best in form and function when it comes to hardware for bathroom spaces.

1. Shower Door Handles

When it comes to bathroom shower hardware, there are shower door handles to complement the style of any shower door—so choose those constructed of only the highest-quality materials. Whether it’s back-to-back or single-sided handle, you’ll find they’re easy to install and available in a variety of designs and finishes. From Victorian and Colonial to crescent and square, there’s a style and shape that will suit your taste.

2. Shower Door Hardware Finishes and Colors

Bathroom shower hardware is available in plenty of stunning finishes to enhance the décor of your bathroom hardware. Brushed finishes are perfect for ‘soft’ décors, mirror-like finishes that sparkle, antique and high-tech finishes are for anyone thinking outside the box. If you’re looking to be on-trend, go with oil-rubbed bronze. It offers a hand-brushed appearance that captures the timeless beauty of old-world artisanship.

3. Towel Holders

Take a trip down a bathroom hardware aisle and you’ll find a dozen towel bars, many similar in style yet very different in price. Even if you nix the top-of-the-line models and the bottom of the barrel, you’ll still be left wondering why one mid-priced bar costs about $65 and another about $30. With hardware for bathroom spaces, more detail generally means more cost. You’ll find a high-end bar’s post is smaller but more ornate, with a raised cap, a ribbed ring and more banding. A budget towel bar’s post, while slightly larger, will typically have smoother, simpler lines.

4. Faucets

To update bathroom faucets, selected from a variety of choices available in silver-tone finishes, as well as gold, bronze, mixed metals, and brushed and hammered options. Solid brass electroplated with chromium–more commonly referred to simply as chrome–became the standard for faucets in the 1930s and remains one of the hottest options still today.

5. Robe hooks

To keep your robe and towels dry, robe hooks are a simple yet alluring addition to any bathroom. Choose a double hook design as part of your bathroom makeover ideas for everyday convenience and maximum hanging efficiency.

6. Shelves

Cut down on visual clutter by installing shelves to prevent the accumulation of grooming tools and toiletries. And because bathrooms tend to lack sufficient storage, you can always move up instead of expanding out if you have a small space. Maximize wall space by adding vertical shelving.

8. Lighting

Don’t underestimate the impact of effective lighting. Install bright, warm lighting from a combination of sources to enhance the beauty of everything in the room. Consider the design of the light fixture itself, and choose accessory lighting from the bathroom hardware aisle that goes with the style of the room.

With a little planning and an eye for style, you can update bathroom spaces in a weekend or less! Who knew hardware could have such an impact?