Turn Your Shower into a Spa Shower

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These days, creating the perfect shower is so much more than choosing a nice curtain. New innovations and designs can turn your shower into a relaxing spa retreat! You no longer have to visit your local gym or spa to enjoy the health and relaxation benefits of a spa steam shower. With new possibilities in walk in shower designs, you won’t even have to leave your home!

Taking Shower Stalls to the Next Level

Showers get quite a workout every day. Unlike the bathtub, which you may use for an occasional soak or only to bathe your children, a shower is typically used more often. That’s why homeowners are always looking for new ways to maximize their showers. Enter the home spa shower. Created with enclosures that are fully sealed, it can be easily installed wherever you would have a standard shower. A humidifying steam generator produces a heated mist, and a wall panel inside your shower allows you to control the temperatures and flow. And because no venting is necessary, the condensed moisture drains into the floor as the sealed steam shower cools down.

Benefits of Spa Steam Showers

When you need a soothing way to relax, restore, and renew your body and mind, adding a spa shower to your bathroom is the easy solution. The health benefits of a nice steam have been touted by doctors as an excellent home remedy for anyone suffering from sinus problems, dermatological conditions, sports injuries, diabetes, high blood pressure and more! That’s right. Adding a steam shower to shower stalls can:

  • Release tension and relax muscles
  • Provide some relief for skin ailments, respiratory conditions, arthritis and allergies
  • Remove toxins with an increase in blood flow
  • Open pores and bring nutrients to the surface to hydrate skin

You, too, can have your own home spa retreat!

With today’s walk in shower designs, spa steam showers can be added to virtually any size bathroom. Since you won’t require upgrades to your plumbing, the cost is only for the product and installation. A professional shower company can show you your options and potential upgrades to help you achieve the shower you’re hoping for—and more importantly, on budget. Best of all, your steam shower will be a cost-efficient, energy-saving way to make your bathroom more luxurious. They don’t use a whole lot of water, and as for electrical usage, a typical spa shower costs about 20-25 cents an hour to operate.

Heads up

Since shower heads are the heart of the shower experience, choosing the right one is crucial to your walk in shower designs. From custom systems to a regular showerhead with special features to oversized pressurized heads, the options are endless. You can even choose the number of showerheads and body sprays, and consider wall-mounted sprayers or hand-held sprayers. Many people go for the “rainforest” full-body shower experience which adds to the luxury of the experience. Are you a shower minimalist? A single showerhead can still add a special touch.

With an array of options to make your shower experience a truly relaxing escape, installing spa steam showers guarantees one thing—you’ll never want to leave your bathroom!