Top Bathroom Trends 2014 Touted

Mark BalabanAll Blogs, Bathroom Ideas, Glass Products, Home Decor

As 2014 draws to a close, you may be wondering what some of the year’s top trends were for bathroom remodel projects. From serene and clean to relaxing and luxurious, bathrooms around the country are more customized than ever!

1. Spa bathroom Why would you want an ordinary bathroom when you can have a spa bathroom? Day spas offer the perfect way to escape and recharge, inspiring a bathroom trend 2014 saw a lot of. Designers are adding these sanctuaries within the home with everything from a steam shower to a whirlpool bath to a luxurious soaking tub.

2. Hotel-style glamour First-class hotels are defined by luxury, style and quiet elegance and now, so are many homeowners’ bathrooms. In 2014, they recreated this hotel glamour at home with everything from the expansive soaking tub surrounded by outdoor pillows to wall-mounted flat screen TVs and soft, soothing lighting, With your own hotel-style spa bathroom, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy the ultimate in relaxation.

3. Frameless showers Sleek and minimalist, frameless shower doors were one of the hugest bathroom trends 2014 saw. Essentially, you’re cutting back on the bells and whistles, and using only what is necessary for structural integrity, longevity, versatility and style. If you’d like to take advantage of this design element in your own bathroom, work with a professional shower door installer who uses thick, 10 mm glass panels, water-tight design and chunky handles.

4. Custom walk-in showers Open, custom-built walk-in showers with a huge, plush overhead showerhead were hot in 2014. A curb-less shower makes the bathroom feel bigger and look cleaner. And it also happens to be a great bathroom remodel option for the elderly or people with special needs since this adheres to universal design principles.

5. Copper If you follow design trends closely you saw that copper has been popping up in bathroom remodel projects everywhere. Industrial copper designs are “in” big time, with extravagant copper pipes, light fixtures, sinks and other accessories showcased as features. Some homeowners have even installed a copper soaking tub!

6. Monochrome themes Another winner for 2014 was the clean and clinical simplicity of monochrome. To achieve a spa bathroom, homeowners sought out designers to use variations of the same color throughout the room with matte or polished or matte tiles. It’s all about using high-quality materials, and keeping it tasteful and luxurious.

7. Natural materials Speaking of materials, natural materials saw a big surge in 2014 for those looking for environmentally friendly options. Timeless and long lasting, materials like natural stone, slate and other earth-based options made their way into many bathrooms, working well for most designs.

8. Curves The bathroom trend 2014 saw a lot of the use of curves dominating over straight lines. From shower enclosures bathtubs and sinks to walls and mirrors, curvature offers a unique visual element that you won’t find in a standard bathroom.

No longer just a utilitarian room, the bathroom became a place of luxury and comfort in 2014. Achieving this in your own space is a matter of keeping up with the latest design elements. Who knows what 2015 will bring!