Top 5 Signs It’s Time for Bathroom Improvements

Mark BalabanAll Blogs, Frameless Shower Doors

Holes in the tile, rust in the shower, a toilet that just won’t flush—these types of bathroom problems typically require major repairs. But what are the smaller signs that it’s time to upgrade your bathroom? When is the right time to consider remodeling?

The truth is—any time. If you’re planning on living in your home for many years to come, why suffer with outdated designs, an inefficient layout or unattractive fixtures? On the other hand, if you’re planning on selling, bathroom improvements can pay off with an increase in home value and a quicker sale. Here are signs it’s time to start considering bathroom renovation ideas.

1. Your bathroom doesn’t match your taste.

Chances are, if you just purchased a new home, there are existing or standard-issue faucets and fixtures in the bathrooms. While you may find them to be functional, they might lack visual appeal. If these important details don’t fit your personal style, it’s easy to replace them with ones that do. Whether you prefer a classic look or a sleek and modern flair, you can find products and accessories that make a big impact to your bathroom improvements.

2. You’re stuck in the past.

Sure, yesterday’s trends tend to resurface, but let’s be honest, some should stay in the past. Some of the “retro” styles that were all the rage in the 70s like avocado tubs and sinks don’t really have a place in today’s bathrooms. Many of today’s styles and bathroom shower designs are designed to stand the test of time. From frameless glass shower doors, to bright and functional his-and-hers vanities, you can find a wide variety of bathroom renovation ideas that can get you out of a time warp.

3. Little things start going wrong.

Every day wear and tear is bound to happen in your bathroom, but some issues require more than simple repair. Do the whites in your bathroom look more like yellow? Is the grout starting to flake? Is the ceiling beginning to crumble? If, so it’s time to remodel. Whether large or small, bathroom renovations will be worth every penny in order to avoid a major investment down the road.

4. Your family’s needs have changed.

As the years go by, family circumstances change. And that means your home needs will change. Whether a second bathroom is necessary for children on the way or a family member’s mobility is changing, your bathroom needs to change, too. For older adults, a walk-in shower with frameless glass doors is great for safety and also makes for an attractive space. Children often need a nice big tub for bathing, and colorful fixtures and accessories to help make bathroom time fun.

5. You’re considering putting your home on the market.

You may wonder why you would make large or small bathroom renovations if you’re planning to move, but the reason is simple. Renovating your overall space and bathroom shower designs is the best way to boost your home’s value. Small bathroom renovation ideas, including new hardware and fixtures can help your home stand out on the market without breaking your budget.

Once you’ve decided to make small bathroom improvements or larger bathroom shower designs, start with a wish list. Evaluate your existing bathroom and needs. Establish a budget. And most importantly, consult with an expert. Even if you’re planning a small bathroom renovation and planning on doing the remodel yourself, a professional can provide trusted advice on how to save and where to spend. It’ll make the job go much smoother.