Tips for Using Custom Glass for Fall Home Decor

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Have you started your fall home decorating? If you’re looking for fall decorating ideas, one simple and stylish item to take advantage of is custom glass. While decorating with glass isn’t for all homeowners, as it’s not the safest choice for families with young children or large pets, it’s an elegant option for beautiful fall home décor that most people can take advantage of. Partner with your local glass cutter and you’ll be up to speed in no time.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Leaf Pressings

Preserve the beauty of colorful fall foliage by featuring pressed leaves in your fall home décor. When picked at their peak and properly preserved, pretty pressed leaves have many decorative uses. Once you’ve selected the leaves that appeal to you most, place them in a book for pressing. When dried completely, display the leaves between two pieces of custom glass and then secure them together with colored, linen book cloth tape wrapped around the edges. Meet with your local glass cutter to discuss your options for glass cuts. Place them on your mantel for a stunning centerpiece. You can also display the leaves in glass picture frames placed on end tables or hang on your walls.

Custom Glass Tables

Utilizing glass side tables, coffee tables and glass tabletops is an easy way to add elegance to your living room space. And any glass cutter usually offers a variety of options for sizes and shapes that will fit your style and space. Though other furniture trends tend to go out of style, glass always stands the test of time with elegance and charm. Go with crisp corners for an edgy, modern look or smooth, rounded edges for a sophisticated option. Plus, glass tables are great for fall decorating ideas because they provide a space to display collectables.

Glass Paperweights

Looking for a fashionable and elegant design element that’s also functional? Custom glass paperweights come in a variety of different colors and sizes, with many featuring colorful artwork, offering depth and an alluring focal point. It’s easy to find paperweights that feature the colors of fall, just search online or stop by a local gift shop. Though not unbreakable, glass paperweights are quite durable and can be great conversation starters.

Glass Cylinders

Glass cylinder vases are versatile accessories for fall home décor, and chances are you have a bunch just lying around your house. With their simple shape and availability at lower price points, they’re a great vessel for some fantastic fall flair. When filling the cylinders, play around with materials, objects and styles that complement your home’s main decor. You can even place small candles or tea lights inside. Arrange the glass vases in varying shapes and sizes to create an artistic focal point.

Decorative Details

When it comes to glass tables or hanging decorations, think outside the square. Everyday glass pieces like jars, bowls and bottles can be used to create vibrant and unique centerpieces or features. Grouping together similar items helps to create a collection, which has a lot more impact than placing individual pieces haphazardly around your home.

Never hold back with the creativity when it comes to your fall decorating ideas. If you’ve never used a glass cutter for custom glass, ask around for recommendations or do a quick internet search. With a little help from a professional glass crafter, your fall home décor will be the talk of the neighborhood—or at least the family!