The Benefits of Working with a Shower Door Specialist

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How would you like to take your bathroom shower from purely functional to simply fabulous? If you’d like to add a truly sleek, luxurious look to your bathroom, frameless shower doors are for you. But don’t hire some “Jack of all trades” for your frameless shower doors installation. You need a shower door specialist with years of experience to get the job done right. After all, you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your roof, so why hire a random contractor to install your shower doors?

Why Go Frameless?

Ask any professional shower door installer, once you go frameless, you’ll never turn back. When it comes to custom shower enclosures, frameless glass has a beautiful, ultra-contemporary style that you’ll love. Unlike the constricted look of framed showers, frameless enclosures have a streamlined design. They give your bathroom an open, spacious feel.

Plus, the styling options for frameless shower doors installation allow for more creativity, making your shower unique to you. Hardware color, etching, glass finishes and glass thickness are just a few of the choices you get to customize when working with a shower door specialist. And a shower door installer will often accommodate all new trends and style of décor, from traditional to transitional, from Asian-inspired to the ultra-modern.

So, why else should you choose frameless glass shower doors? Here are six reasons you should hire a frameless shower door specialist today.

6 Reasons to Choose Frameless Custom Shower Enclosures

  1. Frameless shower doors add beauty and elegance to any bathroom renovation.
  2. Custom shower enclosures add light and the illusion of space.
  3. Unlike framed or semi frameless shower doors, frameless enclosures are easy to clean. No mildew, grime, or soap scum buildup to worry about.
  4. Frameless glass shower doors are thick and sturdy, unlike shower curtains.  Just think, if you slip and grab the curtain, you’re likely to fall with the rod and curtain risking injury.
  5. They’re luxurious. You’ll find you’re better able to connect with your inner self when you start the day in a fresh, open, beautiful shower glass enclosure.
  6. They last longer. Quality frameless doors installed by a professional shower door installer offer withstand the test of time and stay pristine longer (especially if you use a product like Showerguard, which is a coating baked into glass to protect it from aging and the harshness of hard water.)

Renovating Your Shower?

If you’re considering taking the plunge and renovating your shower, don’t forget to hire a shower door specialist like New Jersey’s ShowerMan. Instead of just purchasing the product and having a contractor install it, a professional shower door installer will assist you through all stages of your project, from the preliminary design through the planning stages, final installation and future service of your purchase. These professionals pride themselves on making your frameless shower doors installation pleasant and hassle-free. Plus, since they specialize in their craft, they take pride in the work, guaranteeing you a result you will enjoy for years to come.