Remodel Yourself or Hire a Shower Designer?

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Updating or remodeling your bathroom can be one of the most fun and creative processes you can take on. But with all the planning and responsibility comes the pressure to make informed decisions. While many of us may think we are, not everyone is a handyman. Depending on the type of remodeling project, you may be able to save some money by doing it yourself. But if you want quality bathroom shower designs that are done right and last for years to come, your best bet is to hire a professional shower designer.

Here are some things to consider before doing anything.

Bathrooms, whether large or small, must be well planned and functional. From custom showers to luxury tile designs, today’s bathrooms need to be beautiful and use space efficiently. Sure, when you think of the expense that bathrooms can incur with plumbing, custom showers, an updated floor, new paint and fixtures, it’s hard not to want to do this work yourself. But avoiding the common bathroom shower designs mistakes can help you end up with a bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

Professional vs. Cheap Looking

Think you can manage all the work yourself? It may seem like it, but can you make it look professional? Chances are you’ve been in a bathroom that had misplaced or poorly cut tiles, the sink isn’t level or some other eyesores catch your attention. Can you live with a bathroom that looks unprofessional? If not, hire a professional shower designer.

Daily Life

If you have taken on DIY projects before, you probably wound up making some small mistake. And then for months, your eyes keep noticing that one imperfection, bothering you on a constant basis. If you’re thinking of working on custom showers or other bathroom shower designs, think hard. If imperfections drive you crazy, you may want to think again before taking on the project on your own.

Deals on Products

Shower designers know people in their industry. Do you? From fixtures to tiles, glass and sinks, the professionals know who has the best stuff at the best prices, and they may even be able to get a deal cut. The reality is that you won’t be able to get these deals and you may end up paying more than what the professional charges, even after the markup.

Consider Time

Taking on bathroom shower designs yourself is stressful—not only for you, but for your family. It takes a lot of time and effort, and it interrupts daily life. Your time is valuable, and if you’re doing all the work yourself, you won’t be able to spend as much time with your family. Say good-bye to relaxation and hobbies. These remodels can take over your life for quite a while, but working with a shower designer can speed up the process.

Leave it to the Pros

Remodeling your bathroom is a huge task. It’s just too important to do it yourself. While you think you may be saving money doing it yourself, you’ll find remodel costs just seem to keep adding up, and the process seems never-ending. Bathroom shower designs and custom showers contribute to the overall value of your home, so the smart choice is to get the highest quality you can afford by working with a professional.

Before you invite a team in to work on your bathroom shower designs, do your homework. Collect references from your friends and family. Get genuine feedback from real people who have lived through a renovation with the shower designer you’re considering. Then go ahead and do a phone interview and ask for samples of work they’ve done. This will go a long way in ensuring your comfort and confidence in the project.