Is a Headrail Necessary for Your Frameless Shower?

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Do you have custom frameless glass shower doors? Are you considering installing shower doors that are frameless? Do you have no clue what the difference is between framed shower doors and frameless? Before you consider the use of a headrail, it’s important to understand what a truly frameless shower door is.

What is a Truly Frameless Shower Door? Glad You Asked!

A truly frameless glass shower door consists of glass panels and a glass door that opens and closes without frames. Many showers are built with framed doors that act as stabilizers and support the structure. Without these frames, you need thick glass to stabilize and strengthen the shower. Custom frameless glass shower doors have become a niche in the industry. That’s why when installing shower doors that are frameless, experience is everything. Many companies don’t know how to build a truly frameless shower and use moldings to hide angle cuts. The fact is there is no room for error in measurement for custom frameless glass shower doors. There is a 0 to 1/8 tolerance PERIOD! A professional shower installer will know this fact and give you an end result that has real longevity.

When Do You Need to Use a Headrail?

First things first. What is a headrail? A headrail is a framed structure that helps to provide support, stability, or act as a design feature for frameless glass shower doors—they come in all styles and beautiful finishes. For sliding glass doors, a headrail is always used to mount over the sliding wheel mechanism.

Handicapped Situations

When it comes to your frameless shower door hardware, a headrail should always be used when you’re working with a handicapped situation to provide extra stability. You can never be too careful. People who are handicapped can use the glass to stabilize their weight. The more stable and structural the better.

When the Shower Glass is too huge and wide

If the panel of glass is too wide and huge, there could be a lot of deflection (flex). Those who are experienced at installing shower doors will know to use a headrail in this situation.

As a design element

Some people choose to install a headrail for their frameless shower door hardware, simply for the look of it. You, too, may like to match a headrail with other details, fixtures and furnishes in your bathroom, including picture frames, faucets, hardware etc.  Also, you might like to match the colors of the headrail finish with your other finishes. Do a little research into types of decorations and finishes. From brushed nickel and brushed chrome to brushed bronze and oil rub bronze, the options are endless.

Find Frameless Shower Door Hardware and Headrails

Once you’ve decided to add a headrail or other frameless shower door hardware to your space, your best course of action is to consult with a professional shower installer. Master designers like those at ShowerMan in New Jersey, have the expertise to make an ordinary bathroom an extraordinary retreat. From complete bathroom renovation concepts to a collection of products and accessories, they will be there to help you plan a stress-free shower renovation.