Hot Ideas for a Pool House Bathroom

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On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than having some guests over to take a dip in the pool. But when nature calls, the thought of them tracking all that water into your home can really stress you out. The solution? A pool house bathroom!

A pool house bathroom is a dedicated area for guests to use when they need to use the restroom after taking a swim. While you’ll need to consider some small bathroom ideas to really make it work, you can incorporate many comforts into a pool house bathroom so that you and your guests have everything you need. So, what are some of the hottest trends for small bathroom ideas near the pool?

Top 5 Pool House Bathroom Designs

1. Build a changing area.

Incorporating a changing area in a pool house bathroom means that multiple guests can use the area at one time to change out of their wet clothes. Get creative! You can install a series of stalls with privacy doors or fashionable curtains. Place benches or shelves within each unit so your friends and family can sit down and have somewhere to put their belongings.

2. Set up a shower.

When your skin is doused in the pool chemicals after a refreshing swim, a shower is essential. One of the best small bathroom ideas when it comes to showers is to install custom shower glass enclosure. Instead of installing standard bathtub shower doors, use frameless custom shower glass enclosures, which add light and the illusion of space. A professional can install etched custom shower glass to give guests privacy while others use the bathroom for other needs. And be sure to place soap and shampoos inside the shower.

3. Raise the floor.

For small bathroom ideas consider raising the floor with spaced wooden slats—both attractive and functional. Your guests can then step on the slats while they use areas of the pool house bathroom, which will prevent water from pooling on the floor. Also, using a raised wooden floor is much more slip-resistant than tile. Your guests will be able to safely move about the room with their wet feet.

4. Standard comforts

When thinking about your small bathroom ideas, consider what you’d like as part of your experience. Think of the standard comforts you would like to have—things that can accommodate all your hygiene needs in one place. Install a water room to house the toilet in a small, private space. This will allow your guests to use the toilet while others are in close proximity. A custom glass mirror, a sink, and countertops are also important. And don’t forget amenities like clean, fluffy towels, hairdryers and lotions for total guest convenience.

When developing small space solutions for your pool house bathroom, you’ll want to seek out the help of a professional who knows how to work with custom shower glass and bathtub shower doors in small spaces. Then, think of each and every element in your bathroom and how it interacts with your guests. For small bathroom ideas, some obvious steps must be taken, too. Remove clutter, use your space wisely and clean the space after every use. With these simple small bathroom ideas in mind, you’ll be set for a swimmingly stunning pool house!