This Holiday Don’t Forget These Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas

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The mantel can’t help but be the star of the show in your home—especially during the holiday season.  Perched above the fireplace, in the center of the family room, it’s the focal point of the house. Stoke your creativity this year by getting inspiration from these simple holiday mantel decorating ideas.

Four Festive Mantel Decorating Ideas

Take time to reflect with custom mirrors.

When it comes to your mantel, you’ll never go wrong by decorating with mirrors. Take the traditional mirror-over-mantel idea a step further by using the reflection to highlight your other décor. You can also use thin fishing line or ribbon to hang shimmery snowflakes or ornaments from the ceiling in front of your custom mirrors. Thanks to the reflection, the sparkle will shine twice as nicely.

Rethink your wreath.

Transform the classic wreath by giving it a new context.  Adorning it with an abundance of ornaments, faux foliage and ribbon, then hanging it over custom mirrors will reflect your holiday style in a new way.

Let your mantel shine.

Candles, candleholders and glass lanterns are some of the most cost-effective holiday mantel decorating ideas. You can even dress up the candles and candleholders with craft items, like tartan ribbons. For color, place assorted shapes and sizes of candles on pedestals, then surround with an arrangement of faux foliage and an array of thick-skin fruit such as lemons, limes and oranges tucked in throughout.

Decorate with glass.

Whether or not you’re decorating with mirrors, your mantel is a great place to display glass bases or bowls.  Fill them with anything from cranberries to pine cones—depending on the palette of your room.

Now that you’ve got some ideas to get you going, it’s time to think about the steps to implement them.

Step 1: Think of a theme.

A general theme will help tie together the holiday decorations throughout your home.  You can start with a simple color palette, or even mimic your favorite holiday movie or story.

Step 2:  Assess your space.

Apply the classic rule measure once, cut twice rule to the design for your holiday mantel decorating ideas. You need to know how much room you really have to work with in width, length and height. This is especially important if you’re decorating with mirrors and employing the help of master glass crafters with custom mirrors.

Step 3: Mind the balance.

Avoid the urge to fill every inch of the open space on your mantel. Giving the accent pieces some room keeps them from getting lost in the clutter, allowing them to shine.

Step 4: Don’t feel tied to symmetry.

Play with placement by overlapping layers and shapes and layers. Be sure to keep smaller items together so they don’t get lost in the design.

Step 5:  Make simple swaps.

Make your mantel decorating ideas easy on yourself. Swap your everyday décor with holiday-inspired items. Replace photos with holiday cards or framed holiday family photos. If you normally have a basic mirror hanging over your mantel, consider decorating with mirrors that have a wintry border. Custom mirrors are extremely budget friendly and will last you many holidays to come.

When considering your holiday mantel decorating ideas, be sure to make safety a consideration throughout the process. Spray any wreaths or greenery with fire-retardant spray if you have a wood-burning fireplace. Avoid hanging garland low enough where sparks could ignite it. And while candles are some of the most alluring pieces to use, be sure to raise them on stands way from any foliage, and never keep them burning unattended.