Guest Bathroom Ideas That’ll Make Them Feel Pampered

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Think back to times spent at a lovely inn or fabulous spa. Chances are when you were in the bathroom, you felt pampered and serene with plush towels, all the toiletries you needed and fresh, clean scents. Your guest bathroom should—and can—evoke the same feeling. And with the holidays approaching, there’s never been a better time to start considering some guest bathroom decorating ideas to create an inviting atmosphere for the influx of family and friends.

How to Plan Guest Bathroom Makeovers

Planning a luxurious ambiance for overnight guests is easy, even when working with small bathroom designs.

Start with a clean slate

First things first. All bathroom makeovers should start with a good strong cleaning. Before you even think about guest bathroom ideas, make sure the entire space is squeaky clean. Go ahead and treat yourself to a day off from cleaning and hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done right.

Stock up

It doesn’t matter how big your space is or where it’s located. Even if you’re working with small bathroom designs, the most important things to remember are the details. Stock the guest bathroom vanity with all the amenities your guests may have forgotten to bring, including toothpaste, a toothbrush, bath soap, travel-size shampoo/conditioner and disposable razors. Even the most organized packers will forget something, so having these items on hand will save them stress.

Freshen up

When it comes to guest bathroom decorating ideas, brightening up the space with some flowers is a simple task. A vase of fresh flowers will add a subtle aroma, or you can fill a glass bowl with scented soaps or potpourri.

Out with the old

Bathroom makeovers require a keen eye. Take a good look at your shower curtain and liner. Replace them if they’re worn or dated. Better yet, give some thought to installing a frameless shower door. Especially for small bathroom designs, elegant glass shower doors can do wonders to open up the room and add a sharp, clean style. Don’t forget to switch out old bathmats with a new, plusher model.

Add lush linens

Your family and friends deserve the best, don’t they? Splurge on super-thick, 100 percent cotton hand towels, bath towels and washcloths. A great tip when it comes to guest bathroom ideas is to purchase a different color from your own towels. This way, you’ll have the “good towels” on hand if anyone drops by unexpectedly.


A custom-cut mirror is a great addition that will not only be useful for your guests, but also do a lot for the design of the space. A well-positioned mirror with good lighting is a must for putting on makeup, shaving or styling hair, and with so many shapes, sizes and styles, it’s a terrific decorative element that can give instant elegance to any bathroom with very little effort.

Give them space

Typically smaller than other bathrooms in the house, guest bathrooms can begin to feel cluttered and confining if there are too many items around. Remove any unnecessary objects to ensure there is ample counter space and floor space to move around. Also, if you have a vanity, make some space underneath the sink and/or drawers so your guests can store their personal items.

When considering your guest bathroom ideas, think about what you look for when you stay at a nice hotel or bed and breakfast, and try to recreate that look and feel. A clean, comfortable and functional space goes a long way for guest bathroom makeovers, and making your family and friends feel welcome.