Design Your Bathroom with Glass Bathtub Doors

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Think you’re stuck with a shower curtain just because you have a bathtub? Absolutely not! Custom bathtub doors can open up a new world of possibility for the look and function of your bathroom. Working with professional bathtub glass door installers, you can have the best of both worlds with modern designs that look great in any size bathroom.

Types of Glass Tub Shower Doors

A beautiful bathtub is the heart of the bathroom, and you should show it off! First, you’ll want to make sure your new bathtub doors not only match your style but also accentuate your space. Chances are you’ve seen plenty of enclosure framed in polished brass, but you have many more options for your custom bathtub doors.

Frameless Bathtub Glass Door

One of the hottest trends in bathroom design is the frameless glass door. Flexible, elegant and sleek, frameless glass tub shower doors complement any style whether you like a more modern design or a simple, classic feel. You’ll find that the glass itself is easy to clean and maintain—especially if you choose high-quality products like Low-Iron Ultra Clear Glass or ShowerGuard. Overall, nothing will showcase your bathtub better than frameless glass bathtub doors.

Semi-Frameless Glass Doors

Looking for an option for your bathtub without the metal framing around the bathtub glass door or corners? With a semi-frameless shower enclosure, the door framing can be narrow or even frameless. A semi frameless shower door is typically less expensive than frameless doors, and can be placed right behind a bathtub or installed as a stand-alone unit detached from the tub.

Tempered Hinged Glass

Tempered ⅜-inch frameless glass is the most durable option for your bathtub glass door. Plus, tempered glass can be etched or sandblasted to provide some privacy if clear glass is not quite your style.

Sliding Enclosure

Looking for the beauty of glass but not sure you have the space for a swinging bathtub glass door? A sliding door may be for you. This practical space-saver is just as modern and stylish, and can be customized to fit any space. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show off your tub with plenty of room for other bathroom fixtures.


Let your bathtub take on newfound elegance by adding a triple-panel glass bath screen instead of full-fledged bathtub doors. This is a great option for custom bathtub doors that’s elegant and functional. Pivoting panels allow you to get in and out of the tub with ease and there are no tracks in the way.

Work with a Professional

The options for your bathtub doors are endless, so working with a professional is your best bet. As part of the process, consider:


First, you’ll want to consider your budget. Luckily, you’ve got the advantage of a variety of tub enclosures on the market. It should be easy to choose glass tub shower doors that will fit your budget, your taste and your lifestyle. But remember, the quality may suffer if you’re going for cheap.


The best bathtub glass door ideas start with a brainstorming session. You and your designer should work together to come up with the plan that best suits your needs.

Once your glass bathtub doors are installed and you learn the ins and outs of maintaining their beauty, all that’s left to do is relax and enjoy!