Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Although you probably have a good idea where you should have a mirror hanging in your home, they’re actually a whole lot more versatile than you may realize. Custom mirrors are one of the best small space solutions and you can never have too many!

Ways Custom Mirrors Can Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Looking for decorating ideas for small spaces? Look in the mirror! Custom mirrors offer one of the best ways to make a small room look bigger, and using the following tips, you won’t believe the impact they can have in your space!

Group Mirrors Together

While large custom mirrors are your best option for small space solutions, you may not have the budget to make that happen. You can find smaller mirrors at any local thrift store or discount stores quite easily. With a lower price tag, you can buy a bunch, paint their frames the same color and group them together in the same area of the wall.

Hang them Sideways

Got a long, skinny mirror? Try turning it on its side to make any wall instantly look longer.

Purchase floor-length Mirrors

Using floor-length mirrors is one of the best ways to make a small room look bigger. With their long shape, any space will feel lighter and brighter as the eye is naturally drawn up and carried it around the room. Put them behind a grouping of furniture or out on their own against a wall.

Layer your Mirrors

Why buy just one mirror when you own a bunch? Make one entire wall mirrored and add smaller, more defined mirrors on top of it. This will go far for creating a more open space, and you’ll also give the appearance of depth with an artistic flair.

Behind The Stove

When it comes to decorating ideas for small spaces, don’t forget your kitchen! The area behind your stove is probably the darkest area of your kitchen. Open it up with a mirror! A mirror will bounce light around, making it easier to see what you’re cooking and creating a lovely place to stand. Sure your custom mirrors may get a bit greasy or dirty at some point, but mirrors are a breeze to clean.

A Beautiful Backsplash

Keeping it in the kitchen, your backsplash is the perfect place for a little reflection. It will maximize your ceiling and counter lighting and reflect the day’s natural lighting.

In The Dining Room

Take a cue from your local restaurant for small space solutions and add a mirror to your dining room. This allows for softer lighting while keeping the space light and bright. Everybody loves a little mood lighting with their meals!

Sure, a well-positioned mirror with good lighting is a must for in your bathroom for putting on makeup, styling your hair or shaving, but you can do so much more with custom mirrors! As one of the best decorating ideas for small spaces, utilizing a mirror can completely transform any room in the house, and they’re also an excellent design option for businesses. With so many shapes, sizes and styles, mirrors are versatile decorative small space solutions that give instant elegance to any room with little effort. They can do so much—from illuminating dark corners to adding drama to creating the illusion of space. Hang some up today!