BIG Small Bathroom Ideas

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If you’re like most homeowners, there’s plenty about your house that you wish you could change. Creaky floors, drafty windows, poor plumping. But how about a small bathroom? While newer home bathrooms have nearly doubled in size in the past two decades, older homes tend to feature small bathroom designs no larger than about 5-by 8-feet! If you’re looking for small space solutions, here’s some help.

Top 8 Small Bathroom Ideas

1. Combat claustrophobia with color.

Shift the focus of your small bathroom designs to a more architectural interest. Use a combination of rich and dark colors to make the walls of the small space appear to recede.

2. Built-ins space savers.

Avoid dead space. There are usually tons of nooks, crannies and unused walls that can make great small space solutions. Consider cutting out a cubby hole in an unused wall to create additional storage.

3. Reflect the space.

Adding a custom mirror to a small space is one of the easiest small space solutions of all. Hire a glass manufacturer to create and install a corner mirror that will double everything in its view, and place lights on both sides. This is one of the best small bathroom ideas, especially if your room lacks natural light.

4. Get artsy.

A mural in your small bathroom can trick the eye at first glance. Many online retailers sell poster-style murals—everything from a colorful scene in Paris the blue waters of Maui. When taking on your small bathroom designs, line up your mural with a vantage point that implies that the bathroom goes on and on forever.

5. Open up your shower.

Europeans know that getting rid of the shower door can make a shower fit into the smallest small bathroom designs. Extra waterproofing must be put in place— like tiling from floor to ceiling — but this design could be worth it.

6.Shower with Glass.

One of the nicest small bathroom ideas is to install custom glass shower enclosures, which add light and the illusion of space. A professional shower door company can help you decide what works best with your space.

7. Go Neo.

One of the most efficient shower layouts for a small bathroom is a shower with neo angle shower doors. The clipped corner creates an angled opening for easy access to the shower between other fixtures in the room. Showers with neo angle shower doors let you take advantage of every possible inch for the shower.

8. Skip the tub.

To configure a full, modern bathroom in a small space, take advantage of as much useable area in the shower as possible without compromising the rest of the floor plan. The best way to maximize shower space in a small bathroom is to use a glass shower customized to the available space.

When considering small space solutions for your small bathroom designs, think of each and every element in your bathroom and how it interacts with the available space. Do any of take up more surface than necessary? In order to maximize a small bathroom, there are a few things you could do on your own before you get into the bigger designs.

  • Remove clutter by replacing the vanity for a pedestal sink.
  • Choose a modern tall sink that matches the overall style of the interior.
  • Purchase a small, clawfoot bathtub is also one of the great small space solutions.

With these simple small bathroom ideas in mind, you’ll be well-prepared to head to your local bathroom renovator to discuss other tips and tricks for designing the perfect bathroom!