Bathroom Organization Tips

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Are you looking for some quick and easy ways to clear the clutter and organize your bathroom? Have you ever noticed how much stuff accumulates in the space? While our beauty routines require a number of products, that doesn’t mean we have to deal with a mess! Here are a few bathroom organization tips to help you get started.

Address the Mess

With a mix of towels, body care products, makeup, medicine and more, it can be difficult for your bathroom to inspire a relaxing, convenient experience. One of the best bathroom organization tips is to streamline the mess by beginning with a good cleaning. Get rid of expired and unused items, especially bulky packaging. Instead, buy some baskets or glass jars and just fill them up with your cotton balls or Q-tips. Leave your everyday essentials like hand soap and toothbrushes on the counter, but get creative with storage in your cabinets or on shelves. Think lazy Susans for multiple products and inside door racks to hang your hair dryer.

Go for Glass Bathroom Shelves

A mirror or glass shelf is a great choice for the bathrooms. Have a space-challenged master bathroom? You’ll need to find a way to turn your cotton balls and hand soap into things worth displaying. While shelves in family rooms or closets need to hold a lot of weight, glass bathroom shelves offer more flexibility. One long shelf, a glass corner shelf or tiered shelving make a great storage solution that won’t crowd up the space like a wooden shelf might—especially if you have a smaller bathroom. Though glass bathroom shelves can be custom made as large as you desire, most offered on the market are smaller. Regardless of their size, they provide a great space for toiletries and other small items like air fresheners. Plus they’re easy to clean with any glass cleaner.

Showers with Shelving

Do you have a small corner shower or do you simply need more space for your shampoos, conditioners and body washes? When it comes to bathroom organization tips, a built-in glass corner shelf is a great storage solution for both a confined shower space and larger walk-in showers. They’re much more attractive than one of those plastic hanging organizers, plus they’ll last longer. Glass bathroom shelves look clean and modern, giving the shower fresh feeling. Also, a glass surface is sterile and easy to clean.

Organize for Two

Master bathrooms are intended to accommodate two people, yet smaller spaces can make it difficult to manage. If you’re looking for bathroom organization tips and you don’t have the luxury of double sinks, there’s another glass solution. Install a decorative, custom-built mirror on the back of the bathroom door so that one of you can brush your teeth while the other dries their hair or shaves. This provides a functional yet appealing solution in the bathroom.

If you’re ready to master these bathroom organization tips, contact your local shower door and glass manufacturer. They can help you add that special touch to your bathroom with the addition of a modern corner glass shelf in your shower and tiered glass bathroom shelves to make the most of your space.