Are Frosted Shower Doors the Best Choice?

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When it comes to bathroom renovation, the shower often becomes the centerpiece of the overall design. For the ultimate in elegance, homeowners are choosing to forego the standard shower curtain for durable frameless glass shower doors.  But once you decide to go with this hot trend, you still have another decision. To frost or not frost the glass?

Should You Choose Frosted Glass Shower Doors?

The most stunning bathrooms gleam with the meticulous glasswork used for custom glass shower doors. With a clean, classic look, glass not only offers unmatched longevity, but it’s also highly functional in terms of your overall bathroom design.  The fact is, choosing frosted shower doors will only hinder that beauty and functionality. Why? Here are some disadvantages of using a frosted glass door.

Top Five Disadvantages of a Frosted Glass Door

1. Frosted shower doors make the bathroom appear smaller.

One problem with using a frosted glass door is that it makes the bathroom appear smaller. The bigger your shower, the more space you cut off from sight lines with the installation of frosted glass shower doors. Clear custom glass shower doors, especially frameless glass shower doors, which lack a bulky frame, make the shower appear to be part of the room rather than set aside from it, thus making the bathroom seem larger.

2. Cleaning frosted glass shower doors is tricky.

A frosted glass door and clear glass doors both require some maintenance in order to keep them streak-free and clean. However, glass manufacturers make special clear glass that’s designed to shed water easier, making the doors easy to clean. While dirt, grime and imperfections on frosted shower doors may seem less obvious, they’re also easy to overlook when you’re giving your shower a good scrub-down.

3. Frosted glass shower doors hinder the beauty of glass.

Choosing frameless glass shower doors is all about elegance.  Companies like ShowerMan in NJ have decades of experience mastering the art of glass cutting – a true art form in its own right. Individually designed, custom-cut and etched tempered glass offers a simply stunning look to the overall bathroom design. Why would you want to taint that by covering it up?

4. Privacy isn’t a factor in a room that has a locked door.

While you may feel that one of the advantages of a frosted glass door it offers privacy to whomever is showering, the fact is, the room is already private because it has a door with a lock. So, if you’re taking the step to install frameless glass shower doors, don’t undermine the elegance with frost.

5. Clear glass lets the light in. 

When you install frosted shower doors, you end up blocking out any natural or artificial light that may otherwise shine through.  Not only is this an aesthetic disadvantage, but it can also be a safety issue if you do not have a light directly over your shower.

Custom glass shower doors add a new dimension to any bathroom. The clean-cut lines of frameless glass shower doors offer a striking visual effect, letting the colors of your bathroom pop against the brightness of the glass.  If you have the choice of using clear glass or frosted shower doors as part of your bathroom renovation, the choice is clear.