Semi Frameless Shower Doors

Semi Frameless Shower Doors

semi-frameless-4Looking for an option for your shower that doesn’t use wide metal framing around the shower door or corners?  A semi frameless shower door might be just what you need.

Semi frameless glass shower doors by ShowerMan keep the framing materials to a minimum for a sleeker look. For instance, with a semi frameless shower enclosure, the framing might only be one inch wide on the corners. And similarly, the door framing may be narrow or even frameless. A semi frameless shower door is typically less expensive than a frameless shower, and can be placed right behind a bathtub or installed as a stand-alone unit not attached to the tub. In most cases, the shower is made of solid glass because it must be constructed with a strong material.


semi-frameless-2Because semi frameless showers are supported on all four sides, they’re appropriate for any bathroom size and layout. And the variety of frame colors allows you to have the option of the frame standing out as a design choice or blending in with the background. You also have the option of clear, frosted or patterned glass, and choosing a sliding door instead of a pivoting door.


Semi frameless shower enclosures are very economical. Since they use a minimal amount of framing, they’re an economical alternative to frameless shower doors while still maintaining a high-end look.

Long Life and Low Maintenance

semi-frameless-3Semi frameless glass shower doors by ShowerMan withstand the test of time. In older homes, they’ve been shown last for decades with no need for replacement.

At ShowerMan, we’re as dedicated to providing you with an exceptional semi frameless shower door product as we are to giving you excellent customer service. If you have a question about one of our semi frameless shower enclosures or you’re in the Monmouth County/Ocean County area and would like to visit us, call our showroom at 732.303.9044 or our factory at 800.428.1991.